Fun Activities: What It Is To Have Real Fun?

What do mean when we say fun or talk about ‘having fun?’ Is it happiness we are talking? Is it about feeling good, which basically is feeling good about oneself? Does having fun lets us achieve a sense of fulfillment and well-being?

Well, more than a few would claim that these very questions are way too far-fetched when we are simply talking about having some fun—to break out of the routine for a while and simply enjoy ourselves without having to think about anything, for the time being anyway!

Well, in all likelihood, we may go on speculating on such questions till kingdom come and chances are slim that we will ever reach a consensus! So, time maybe we stray from rhetoric and concentrate more on the ‘ground reality.’ And the ground reality tells us that in the hectic, chaotic modern life of today (‘O most wicked speed!’), indulging in fun activities often translates in wiping out the ‘grime of the week’; in having temporary relief from the stress and the multifarious pressures of our quotidian existence; in having been able to ‘forget’ for a moment and so on.

However, there are also tons of platitudes which supposedly like to contradict those somewhat bleak views on the meaning of fun in modern life. The former would thus like to claim that having fun has little to do with wild binges and all-night parties and some such extravagances. And that having fun is all about your ‘wellness of being’—whatever that makes you happy from within, evokes pure joy in your heart, makes you feel in harmony with your surroundings and so forth. So, for example, the proponents of these views would like to maintain that building a sandcastle on the beach or buying a popsicle from your neighborhood ice cream track or trying your hand at an exotic dish for the first time (and making a mess of it, of course!)-any of these activities can be just as much fun as, say, spending your weekend aboard a hyper-luxurious cruise.

Now, all of that sounds all too nice and sensible, but do they get us much far? One will be justified to have his doubts. For chances are that nine out of ten times we, stay caught up as we do most of our times in the frenetic routine of everyday life, will fail to even notice the jingle bells of that ice cream truck passing by our house everyday. Or again, when we are at the beachside we would be so anxious to enjoy that particular beach sports we had been looking forward to for such a long time, the thought of a sandcastle wouldn’t even enter our mind.

In short, let’s face up. In the present author’s view, what really spoils the game for us is that we are always too much taken up by the idea of ‘having fun’ rather than having fun in real and really enjoying ourselves in the process. As far as we are concerned, you can do pretty much whatever you like—eat and drink, party, play hopscotch with your child, travel the wide seas and the high mountains—just about anything you like and can afford to do and you’ll be fine as long as you do not feel in any way compelled to have something out of these activities. You don’t have to squeeze fun out of what you do. You just DO-and BE (as they say, ‘to be in the moment’)- and everything will be hunky-dory, peach & cream!

Try to look at whatever you do in your life as fun, including even the most mundane and routine chores, and only in that manner you can really start to ‘have fun’—because having fun is all about being yourself and being able to enjoy and appreciate the every passing moment of your life. This may sound a bit idealistic for us thoroughly pragmatic individuals, but never mind—we have been pragmatists for far too long now and that has only served to land us in the soup we are in today. So, time may be we started to think, and act, otherwise.